Indian Idol
Chat transcript

'My voice won me Indian Idol crown'

Listen : Sandeep asks hi sandeep congrats.
sandeep says Hi everyone! I'd like to personally thank each and every one of you for supporting me and making my dream come true! asks what r ur upcoming plans or steps??
sandeep says I'm currently preparing for my album, which will be released this month. After that, I will be doing the Indian Idol tour organised by Sony, where I will be performing in India and other countries.

aditya_mama asks hi sandeep
sandeep says Hi Aditya! How are you?

ragara123 asks hai
sandeep says Hi!

sandy.sharmaa asks hey sandeep what r u doing now a days?? n how r u feeling after winning ii2
sandeep says Hi! I'm working on my first album right now. Winning Indian Idol was the happiest moment of my life. But I also realise that I have the big responsibility of living up to my fans' expectations. I want to prove that the janta made the right choice by voting for me.

anu_7755 asks hi sandeep you are the best.i m a big fan of hows u r life going on after a become indian idol.
sandeep says Life's definitely not the same. For one, I've finally been able to catch up on my sleep :) But seriously, winning the title has given me a lot of confidence. I'm trying to work hard on my singing and prove to the world that the janta made the right choice.

ashi20000 asks hiz beutiful
sandeep says Hi!

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, who was ur fav. contestant from all the 12 finalists?
sandeep says Amey, Meenal and Karunya were the best singers, according to me.

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, how are u feeling after winning the contest?
sandeep says Great! It's a very prestigious title and I am working hard to live up to the Indian Idol crown.

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, when is ur album releasing?
sandeep says May 20, 2006 :)

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, why do u think karunya lost?
sandeep says I really won't be able to answer that. One of us had to lose. I think what worked in my favour was my performance, unique voice and presentation skills.

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, have you got any offers yet?
sandeep says No, I haven't got any playback offers yet.

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, when is ur birthday?
sandeep says February 4

sandeep says Thank you! I think Amey and Karunya were equally good :)

nss_college asks hai sandeep, i am great fan of u.congrats 4 ur great win
sandeep says Thanks so much for your support!

sandhya91kochi asks hai how r u
sandeep says Hi Sandhya! I'm fine. How're you?

sandhya91kochi asks where r u
sandeep says In Mumbai. At a recording studio :)

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, what has been ur best moment on Indian Idol?
sandeep says When the top six on Indian Idol performed at the Filmfare awards. All big stars -- Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, etc were there, and it was big moment for me to perform in front of them.

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, what has been ur worst moment on Indian Idol?
sandeep says Whenever any contestant went out. I'd got really close to most of them, and their exit always hurt me badly.

Rechal asks Hi,Are you Just going to stay in Bikaner or move to Bombay near Bollywood?
sandeep says I'm already in Mumbai now, and I plan to stay here to take my career forward

sonaahana asks Sandeep do you think you deserve it? Did you feel that you were better than Karunya? I'll see you in the Asian lifestyle show in london!
sandeep says Karunya has his strengths and I have mine. I have a unique voice -- which I believe is God's special gift to me. Karunya comes from a musical family. In my family, I'm the first person to take up singing as a career. And I think it's my voice that's taken me this far.

Deepa4Sandeep asks Hi Sandeep im Deepa from UK, I'm 18/Student, in a wheelchair. Just to say I came on this site yesterday to get the latest news about yoy and saw that you will be chatting tommorow! So I thought I'd be the first one to say I am a great big fan of yours. I
sandeep says Hi Deepa! It's really good to talk to fans like you. Keep smiling :)

Deepa4Sandeep asks I wish I could have voted for but I give a vote each seriously not just to your singing, but to your smile and personality.I sent you an email aswell as somehow when I was searching the internet about latest information on you I got an email address and d
sandeep says Thanks again. Your love and support are as precious as the votes I got :)

Deepa4Sandeep asks continued...didnt get a reply. mere naseeb mein aapke saath baat karna tha! God Bless, Deepa
sandeep says God bless you too!

my_love_is_4_u asks hv u ever fall in love
sandeep says Not yet :)

my_love_is_4_u asks hi
sandeep says Hello!

fizza asks how u feel to became indain idol?
sandeep says Very very happy. Also scared at how big a title I won. But I'm working hard to live up to the responsibility that my fans have entrusted on me.

jalpari asks Hi, this is Fariha, have spoke to u b4, 1st I want to congratulate u that U WON :)I can't wait for ur album to come out -Wish u loads of luck in the future!
sandeep says Hi Fariha! Thank you so much for that message

jalpari asks Hey again, How does it feel now that you are the INDIAN IDOL :), and how do u like ur new car, has your life changed any after winning or have you gotten even busier?
sandeep says Yeah, life sure has changed after Indian Idol. I've gained a lot of confidence and I know I have to work very hard to live up to people's expectations. My new Maruti Baleno is great. Though I still haven't driven it myself yet :)

gujugurl17 asks tell me, how r u? after winning indian idol crown. i just can't stop watching your perfomance. i miss watching you in T.V. i love u and enjoy your new life.
sandeep says I'm fine. How are you? You'll soon start seeing me on TV again -- after my album releases.

vishalsinger81 asks hi!sandeep this is vishal from mumbai i had voted u but not by ur singing but only by ur smile n ur very down to earth person n i liked ur performance very much n the uditji style u ave it .i hope u will improve ur singing n will not let go the expectatio
sandeep says Hi Vishal! Thank you so much for your support. I'm working hard so that I don't let down fans like you, who voted for me.

sp_in1984 asks Hello sandeep ji, I'm sapna from panipat/haryana want to congrats u on ur great succuss & request u that if u hv some etc. time then pls check ur mails on rediff's site. Well how's ur life going now?
sandeep says Hi Sapna! How're you? Life's good :)

modalprince asks hi sandeep,congrats first for wat u have achieved.would u tell abt ur love life
sandeep says Thanks for your wishes. I don't have a love life yet :)

josh_math asks How r u?
sandeep says I'm fine. How're you?

vora_dharmesh asks You put up a good fight. All the best for future
sandeep says Thank you!

ash_deep asks hi sandeep,congrats u told me u will come to karwar,now definitely u have to come
sandeep says Hi! I will definitely try -- though my schedule is not in my hands for now :)

ash_deep asks hi,which of the 5 girl contestant is ur favourite & why?
sandeep says I thought Meenal was an excellent singer.

ash_deep asks hi,will u be my friend sandeep?
sandeep says Sure, why not?

varun_nidhi asks Hai sandeep,how r u.i m very happy that u won.may god bless u with all the happiness in the world.will u reply me?
sandeep says Why not? Thank you so much for your wishes and kind words.

asks Do u love any person
sandeep says Yeah, all my fans :)

rashmi_mish asks Hi Sandeep, would u like to friedship with me
sandeep says Sure :)

ochemfun asks hey sandeep! what's up? has the indian idol tour been planned yet? can you somehow make it a point to come to atlanta?
sandeep says The tour will happen only after the release of my album. I do hope I can meet you at Atlanta.

poonamudaya asks congrulations for winning the indian idol
sandeep says Thank you!

blindalleys asks How does it feel being abhijit's succesor?
sandeep says I'm really happy to be here, and I hope to do justice to the Indian Idol crown -- like how Abhijeet Sawant did.

vijayendhar_r asks how.r.u.sandeep?
sandeep says Am good. How are you?

soniyashah_999 asks Hi sandeep hw r u? hope f9.R u happy i m also happy about u. tell me kaisa feel kerahe ho indian idol ben ker
sandeep says I'm fine, Soniya. Winning Indian Idol was the biggest moment of my life.

honeyboy asks hi
sandeep says Hi!

kediaoxygen asks hy sandeep
sandeep says Hello there!

parmar_component asks hi sandeep i am very happy to see our next indian idol wish u all the best for your bright and successful future
sandeep says Thank you!

sandeep says I worked very hard to achieve this. I focussed on my performance each week, not on the votes. I think my final performance was impressive enough to garner maximum votes for me. But honestly, I had also prepared myself for defeat.

sriniwas_12 asks how are u man? and what are u filling
sandeep says Am fine :) I feel great! asks hi sandeep do u really think u r the winner becoz of north indian peoples
sandeep says I don't think it's right to bring regionalism into this. I focussed on my performance and I believe that if my singing was not good, I would not have reached here.

dhawan_ajay2k asks sandeep tum to sir se lekar pao tak ghee a ho kabi ganpati plaza jaipur auo to tumhari clear darshan karsaki, tumhara fan, ajay dhawan 422, ganpati palaza , m i raod, jaipur.
sandeep says Hello Ajay!

shaan.hcl asks Hi, Sandeep Congr8!!! Finally u grab the Indian Idol 2 by your maleodous voice. How much u feel dat ur calm n cool face with charming smile has contibute to ur success.
sandeep says Thanks for the wishes. A lot has been said about my smile and X-factor. But I think my singing got me here.

shyama_govind asks Congratulations Sandeep on becoming Indian Idol.U r a very sweet and humble human being.Please work on your singing also so that noone can complain.All the best for a very bright future
sandeep says Thanks, Shyama! I am working very hard on my singing and I hope I won't let fans like you down.

raj_bam asks Hi Sandeep Hallo. How are you.
sandeep says Am good. How are you?

coolgaurang286 asks hey sandeep so howz ur life goin after being indian idol?hey sandeeep do not change ur habits after being a personality coz i hav seen many people involving in fights and other illegal offences
sandeep says Life's good. I finally have the time to sleep as much as I want to :) I'll work hard to live up to the prestige of the Indian Idol crown.

shamikghosh2005 asks Hi Sandeep, I am Shamik from Gurgaon. What are your next assignements ?
sandeep says Hi Shamik. I'm currently working on my album with Sony BMG. After that, I'll be preparing for the Indian Idol tour. I plan to do shows and will also try to make a mark in playback singing.

hiteshhec asks hi sandeep I am Hitesh from jaipur but now based in Singapore
sandeep says Hi Hitesh! How's it going?

sol00005 asks hi sandeep u sing very well and best of luck for ur career ahead
sandeep says Thank you :)

asks Hiya! what are ur future plans? when is ur new album releasing?
sandeep says My album will release on May 20. I will be touring for shows after that.

friend_dost asks Would YOu want to be my friend
sandeep says Why not? :)

rizu_as asks Hello Sandeep, how r u, sabse pahale aap ko bahut bahut badhai ho, aap ki kamyabi par, main Riyaz Shaikh, Karnataka, Hubli shehar se bol raha hoon, khuda aap ko bahut saari kuhiyan de. Aap kamyabi ki bulandi ko already choo chuke haain, Apki awaz
sandeep says Thank you, Riyaz!

shubhabanjan asks Hi, Congrats, Wish you all the best. Take Care
sandeep says Thank you for your support!

simply_sabah asks I always wanted u to sing a song from Main hoon naa and u did on the final day. Thanks for fulfilling my wish.
sandeep says I'm glad I made you happy!

cheeringsailu asks hi sandeep i am a great fan of u.I am frm andhra pradesh.How was ur life now?
sandeep says Life's good :) How are you?

simply_sabah asks hey sandeep congrats for II2.U were always in my duas.Hope sony allows u to perform in Dubai.
sandeep says I hope so too :)

priya_aries asks heyyy sandeeeppp congrats for winnin de crownn.. i think u really desrved it thou karunya was btter singer technically.. u hd a better charm den karunya overall.. newysss how do u feeli aftr winnin dis tittle?n has ur lfie chnge
sandeep says Thanks for that, Priya! I now have the big responsibility of living up to the Indian Idol crown!

raja2476 asks congrats, how r u feeling in top.
sandeep says Great :)

sohney16 asks asalam-o-alikum sandeep congradulations for the indian idol title ,i am from pakistan (rawalpindi),we all lov u here ,plz do come to pakistan wih AMEY ,KARU ,N AMTARA .n also tell what amey is doing these days .
sandeep says Thanks you!

enbaa asks hi sandeep.congrats for becoming the indian idol.Are the priorities of your life changed after getting the crown?
sandeep says I am now more confident than I ever was -- And I hope to become a good playback singer.

sanirai asks Hi sandeep i think you are the one in indian idol
sandeep says Thank you!

sandeep says No playback offers yet, but yes, I hope I will live up to your expectations.

jahangirxp asks What is future plan? Singer or Actor?
sandeep says Singer!

ponni asks did you think that you would win the indian idol crown?
sandeep says I always focussed on one round at a time -- concentrating on my song and performance rather than on voting trends.

simply_sabah asks I am planning 2 visit rajasthan esp bikaner becos of u. To check out the beauty n food of yr state.
sandeep says Please do. Rajasthan is beautiful!

sunnyk007 asks hi dear sandip a loot of congratulations on winning!! i wanna ask u that karunya was being given more imp. due to his classical background! did that make u feel bad???
sandeep says Not really. Karunya comes from a musical family. I'm the first person in my family to take up music as a career.

aditi_dreamland asks sandeep when is ur album going to release plz tell me if u receive.
sandeep says On May 20

sandeep says We haven't decided on the album name yet, but it will be released on May 20

ochemfun asks Hey Sandeep, it is 4:30am in Athens, GA right now but I woke up just to be able to talk to you! You are great!
sandeep says Thanks so much. But do catch up on your sleep :)

n_tyagi16 asks hi sandeep?how r u?how do u feel after winning?when is ur album being released?
sandeep says Hello! Winning Indian Idol was the happiest moment of my life. Though I don't deny I was scared at the thought of living up to such a prestigious title. My album will be released on May 20.

ishwarya_2005 asks tell me your future plans as it is very important.
sandeep says After my album is released, I'll be doing shows all over the country and abroad. And then, I hope to enter playback singing.

blindalleys asks congrats and all the best for ur future!
sandeep says Thank you!

balajeesrao asks Hi sandeep.U r a good singer.Tell me one thing.Which bollywood star will best suit ur voice according to u.Dont tell me everyone.Name any one.
sandeep says Shah Rukh Khan. He is an amazing actor and I am sure my voice is as versatile as his acting!

salob4u asks Hi Sandeep, I am savithri from Udupi, Karnataka, How would you feel when you defeat Karunya
sandeep says Hi Savithri! I was very happy to win the crown, but also humbled by the love of my fans.

poonamudaya asks tell me what made u win the Indian idol competition, want a fair answer from u
sandeep says My voice, and my performances.

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, what kind of foods do u like to eat?
sandeep says I love to eat chocolates and food cooked by my mom.

sweet_sadaf asks Sandeep, i asked so many questions, but forgot to say congrats. So here it goes a big one! CONGRATULATIONS SANDEEP! You really deserved to win. Wish u all the best for future and hope to see u on TV again n again! :)
sandeep says Thanks, buddy!

jemco_mktg asks Hi Sandeep, congratulations on yr victory.
sandeep says Thank you!

sr_faheem asks hey sandeep...iam a biiiiiiiiiiig fan of urs..y dont u come 2 andhra y shud only karunya cum here...u hav fans here also who await ur performance like me
sandeep says I hope to tour as many Indian cities as I can after the release of my album.

priya_aries asks hey sandeep..
sandeep says Thanks, everybody. It was nice chatting with you! Once more, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for voting for me, and helping me win the Indian Idol crown.

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